Christian Play School

Busy Bodies Playschool


Our experienced and qualified teachers with diligent and caring staff run a structured and fun morning programme for your child.


Our morning programme focuses on:

  • Gross and fine motor activities
  • Creative and tactile awareness
  • Indoor and outdoor games



Additional Music and movement activities include:


Swimming Lessons

In summer, a fun-filled swimming lesson for beginners is conducted once a week by a professional swimming coach (where safety is especially important). It aims to introduce your child to water in order to encourage water confidence, as well as, the enjoyment that swimming can bring.



In winter, a structured sports programme is conducted once a week. It aims to enhance your child’s physical development and to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.


Clamber Club

Throughout the year, a special movement and exercise class is conducted once a week. This class aims to promote and develop sensory motor and perceptual skills in your child. It also encourages the joy of play, movement and exercise.



School Hours

06:30 - 17:30  Full Day

06:30 - 14:00  Half Day